Elliot befriends Rue and threatens her relationship with Jules — and then ends up hooking up with Jules

Elliot befriends Rue and threatens her relationship with Jules — and then ends up hooking up with Jules

Elliot & Chris Keller

Chris Keller first appeared in season 2 of One Tree Hill as the bad boy threatening the marriage of Nathan and Haley. He showed up with his guitar in tow and was played by real-life musician Tyler Hilton.

Elliot’s character is pretty much the exact same, only he’s a bit more down-to-earth. His guitar skills are also present on the show, as he is played by a real-life musician, Dominic Fike.

Kat Hernandez & Mouth McFadden

Kat Hernandez started season one of Euphoria being more mild-mannered and taking a back seat to her best friend, Maddy Perez. She soon went through a metamorphosis that elevated her confidence and allowed her to become more like her friends.

Marvin «Mouth» McFadden had a similar journey to Kat’s, standing in the shadow of his best friend Lucas for most of the first few seasons. It wasn’t until he formed friendships with the popular kids that he became more confident in who he was, and got the chance to transform into a main character whose storylines were front and center.

Lexi Howard & Julian Baker

Julian Baker showed up during season 6 of OTH as the movie director who would go on to steal Brooke Davis’ and fans’ hearts. He had a passion for entertainment and was a little bit of a se a fan-favorite for his charisma and ability to tell a story.

Lexi Howard is Euphoria’s Julian, writing and directing her own play and telling the story of everyone around her. Much like how Julian hoped to turn Lucas’s book into a film, Lexi takes Rue’s life story thus far and creates a theater performance so controversial that it resulted in breakups, catfights, and many tears.


Jules Vaughn is a compelling supporting character with huge main character energy. She has a sensitivity and lovingness that makes her easy to root for, much like that of One Tree Hill’s Haley James.

Haley and Jules are both supportive best friends (and significant others) who also know when to draw the line and set boundaries. For Jules, it’s when Rue is clearly relapsing that she realizes she has to step in and get her help. For Haley, it’s calling out Lucas’s unkind, playboy behavior and threatening to end things with Nathan early on if he didn’t become a better brother and person.

Cassie Howard & Peyton Sawyer

Cassie Howard and Peyton Sawyer are both the leading blonde ladies who just so happen to hook up with their best friend’s boyfriend. Even if the relationship wasn’t going to work out long term, there’s no excusing their actions.

On a deeper level, Cassie and Peyton both suffer from tragic pasts that they can’t seem to escape. Cassie’s abandonment from her father forces her to seek approval from every man in her life, while Peyton’s own abandonment issues cause her to self-isolate and make dangerous decisions. Fans can only hope that Cassie grows up to be like adult Peyton, who figured things out.

Nate Jacobs & Nathan Scott

Nate Jacobs and Nathan Scott both started their respective shows in a similar position. They besthookupwebsites.org/escort/saint-paul were the most popular jock in school with a cheerleader girlfriend and a bad attitude about pretty much everything. They also had terrible fathers whose behavior was rubbing off on them.

While Nathan went on to be one of the most lovable characters with an astounding amount of growth, Nate has yet to show many signs of changing. He did give Jules’ the tape back with no strings attached, but he also lied to her and copied it to turn his father in to the police. At the end of the day, both Nate and Nathan want justice to be served for the horrible acts their fathers have committed, but Nate will go a lot further to make sure justice happens.